6.0L PowerStroke V2 “Never Stranded” Fuel System

Price with Walbro GSL392: $1,100.00

Price with Bosch 69136: $1,150.00

Price with FueLab : $1,575.00


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6.0L PowerStroke V2 “Never Stranded” Fuel System with a pick-up tube or sump. The V2 stands for version 2, because this is the second iteration of our fuel system. The principle behind this kit is to use both the factory fuel system and our V2 kit. In the event that either pump fails, you will not be without fuel pressure and therefore “never stranded.” In the event of any failure, you should be able to make it back to safety, and replace a pump on your terms. No tow truck or down time. This kit still allows the water in fuel sensor on your truck to still alert you to water ingress, unlike any other system on the market. If you need serious fuel for a daily driver/weekend warrior and redundant reliability of 2 pumps, this is the kit for you.


  • Use the Walbro for up to 300cc/100% injectors.
  • Use the Bosch 69136 for up to 225cc/100% injectors.
  • Use the FueLab for 350cc/100% injectors and larger.
  • Complete parker 801 push-lok hose. All kits include enough hose to fit a crew cab long bed pick-up truck.
  • A 2 bolt, 2 o-ring 3″ sump is included in this kit. A 3″ hole saw is included in the kit.
  • A stainless steel, laser cut bracket with stainless steel hardware.
  • All ORB/JIC/Banjo connections for leak free operation/easy installation.
  • Every fitting needed to install the kit, plus extra’s.
  • Feeds rear of factory heads.
  • Factory fuel systems stays intact.
  • The OEM banjo bolts in the front of the heads should still be installed.
  • Turbo hardware kit that includes stainless hardware for the up-pipes.
  • Hardware and clamps provided to hold fuel lines in place to keep from rubbing or breaking.
  • Extra fittings, padded p-clamps and hardware to use as needed.
  • This kit comes standard with short filters. Different filters can be requested, it might delay shipping though.
  • Complete wiring harness utilizing;
    -10 ga. or 14 ga. power wire (depending on kit).
    -30/40 or 50 amp relay (depending on kit).
    -15 to 30 amp reset-able circuit breaker (depending on kit).
    -All high quality Molex terminals.


  • FueLab handles the warranty on the fuel pumps and regulators. Contact #(618)344-3300
  • Walbro GSL392 pumps are not warrantable for use with diesel, however we have an extremely low failure rate and offer discounted replacement pumps. 
  • Marty’s Diesel handles the warranty on the bracket, hardware, fittings, etc.
  • Shipping is included in the price of the kit to any of the lower 48 states.
  • Tax will be calculated at time of purchase.
  • All sales are final.

Installation Instructions:


  • A link that updates with our kit will be provided to you.


6.0L Powerstroke Diagnostic Sheet