Pre-Pump Solutions Kit


Pre-Pump solution kit  Pick up Pre Pump solutions kit explained

$300 shipped to the lower 48 when you purchase with our OBS E-Fuel Conversion kit.

$300 plus shipping when you purchase without our OBS E-Fuel conversion kit.

* * * ATTENTION * * *

ADD $75 if you have a cab chassis truck!!!! Your lines will come out long enough for the LONGEST wheel base Ford made.

See the below illustrations to help make sure you get the RIGHT part the FIRST time.

Difference between an Fsuperduty and Pickup  Cab to axle vs wheel base  Pickup Example  FSuperduty Example

This kit is designed to work with our OBS E-Fuel Conversion kit and it allows you to keep both factory tanks.

This kit includes both lines that go from your selector valve back to each one of your tanks. Each line set comes partially assembled so you only have to measure, cut and install one fitting per line at your fuel sending unit. This kit is the solution for most of the items that cause your truck to have issues before the selector valve. This includes the following:

1. Two new FORD OEM umbrella’s (required when using the selector valve)

2. Eight new quick disconnect fittings that have new O-rings inside of them to avoid sucking in air. This can cause high vacuum and aerated fuel.

3. New lines that won’t collapse under higher vacuum.

4. New Knipex branded high quality oetiker clamp pliers.

Important note!
Selector valves are often times misdiagnosed. I like to separate their issues into two categories. One would be the electrical side (which I won’t discuss here) and two would be the fuel side. Often times the umbrella inside either tank breaks down/apart and clogs the pickup tube on the sending unit or the inlet side of the selector valve. In either case, one tank “won’t work right” and people believe the selector valve has failed. This most often can be remedied by installing our pre-pump solutions kit and then using gentle shop air to blow out the sending units and the selector valve on the inlet side. We recommend having one person switch the selector valve back and forth while someone else is blowing shop air at a low pressure through each feed side/inlet side port multiple times. Once the selector valve is clear and the actual problem (inlet restriction) is removed – the selector valve often times goes back to normal everyday operation.

We can not stress this enough – our OBS E-Fuel kits come with a vacuum gauge that will identify these issues for you. Please use it and avoid breakdowns and frustrating parts failures.