OBS Single Tank Conversions


If you have a 1994 to 1997 F-series PowerStroke or even E-series vehicle, we have single tank conversions for you that compliment our OBS E-Fuel conversion. Each kit is LESS than $300. Each kit is shipped FREE to the lower 48 states if you purchase it with our complete OBS E-Fuel conversion kit. If you purchase this kit separately we will calculate shipping.

Single tank conversion – we have multiple kits in stock listed below.
1a. Single tank conversion front tank through sending unit.
1b. Single tank conversion front tank with sump.

    2a. Single tank conversion rear tank through sending unit.
2b. Single tank conversion rear tank with sump.
    2c. Single tank conversion rear tank sump fitting using natural depression.
2a/b/c you can replace your rear tank with a 38 gallon F26E tank if you wish. Please buy the tank here: F26E Bronco Fuel Tank
Here are your options if you would like to use your front tank.
1A - Single Tank Conversion 1B - Single Tank Conversion
Here are your options if you would like to use your rear tank.
2A - Single Tank Conversion 2B - Single Tank Conversion 2C - Single Tank Conversion
Here are some additional install pictures comparing our sumps to our SUMP fittings (bulkhead fitting) that go into the natural depression of the rear tank.
Rear Tank Sump Installed 2

Drilled tank for website Option 2c a Option 2c x 2a

Here are some products that may help with install:
The best hole saw for the sump: https://amzn.to/3Tr1vJH
The best universal bit for the rear tank sump fitting: https://amzn.to/3wEEutQ
The best hole saw for the rear tank skid plate: https://amzn.to/3T8dpqi


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If you want to make modifications to your kit, please let us know in the additional notes section. Just because you want to modify something in our kit doesn't mean we can't do it. Most times it doesn't change the price either. Usually it only delays shipping.

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