OBS 7.3 Powerstroke Sending Units

We have sending units in stock for your tanks.


We need to know the following information:
1. Which tank do you want to purchase your sending unit for?
2. Is your tank plastic or steel? Use a magnet if you aren’t sure.
3. If you want a front tank sending unit, and it’s steel – please measure it. It will be either 40″ or 56″ long. Give or take 1″ depending on how you measure it.

Important Information:
1. Sometimes the pickup tube will have to be tweaked for perfect bottom fit.
2. Sometimes the plug will not match up. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the wrong sending unit. Compare your original sending unit to your new one and if that is the only difference, chances are the original plug will have to be spliced on or you can hard wire it.
3. These sending units do NOT come with umbrella’s. If you are using a selector valve, you MUST use an umbrella!

OBS 94-96 19gSteel-Rear OBS94-96 19gSteel-Front OBS94-97 OEMPLASTIC-Front OBS94-97 OEMPLASTIC-Rear

Please fill out ALL of the information so that we can make sure you get the CORRECT sending unit on the FIRST try!


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What year is your truck?

Cab Configuration. (Choose one)
 Single Extended Crew

Bed Configuration. (Choose one)
 Short Bed Long Bed

Wheel Drive. (Choose one)
 2WD 4WD

Which sending unit do you need? (Choose one)
 Front Rear Both

Is your front tank steel or plastic? (Choose one)
 Steel Plastic I am buying a rear sending unit

How long is your front tank? (Choose one)
 40 inches 56 inches I am buying a rear sending unit

Is your rear tank steel or plastic? (Choose one)
 Steel Plastic I am buying a front sending unit

After viewing our photos please choose the part number(s) that you believe you need (Choose one or two)
 OBS94-96 19gSteel-Front OBS94-96 19gSteel-Rear OBS94-97 OEMPLASTIC-Front OBS94-97 OEMPLASTIC-Rear

If you want to make modifications to your kit, please let us know in the additional notes section. Just because you want to modify something in our kit doesn't mean we can't do it. Most times it doesn't change the price either. Usually it only delays shipping.

Additional Notes