94-97 7.3 $1375 Kit Form


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 Single Extended Crew Cab

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 Short Bed Long Bed

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 2WD 4WD

Mounting Options
 Outside Frame Rail Bottom Outside Frame Rail Top (harder install) Inside Frame Rail Bottom* Inside Frame Rail Top (harder install)*

*All of my kits fit inside the frame rail on 2WD trucks and ECLB, CCSB & CCLB. There are special fittings for CCSB & ECLB

Filter Options
 Long CAT Filters - 10 micron absolute Pre & 2 micron absolute Post Short NAPA Filters - 100 micron absolute Pre & 7 micron absolute Post

The lowest mounting location puts the filters 3.5" below the frame rail. The shorter filters mount 2" higher than the long filters.
For example; bottom mount with long filters will be 3.5" below the frame rail. The shorter filters on the same setup will only be 1.5" below the frame rail. When mounting the bracket on the top of the frame, it will be .5" below the frame rail with long filters.

Additional Notes